Do you want more bookings?

Or should I rather ask, how many are you loosing

because people can’t see how great your place really is?

Pictures on the listing sites are your prospective guest’s first impression,

and in marketing that old saying about making a good first impression holds very true.

It’s a fact that listings with better photos get booked more often.

So take time when planning them out. 

Professional looking photos also help with your Click Thru Rate on the search page.

A poor picture means people will just scroll past you.

Your property is a big investment. Companies like Airbnb, and many other made it easy for you to make money in real estate through holiday letting. As a real estate photographer and entrepreneur, I know how important professional property photography is. To back me up, every one of these listing sites will tell you the same.

Just think about it. How do people look for a place to stay? They type in the price range they can afford, and then they start looking at the photos. If there are only two places in their category, one has light professional inviting pictures, while the other looks dark and untidy. You dont need to guess who will get the booking.